Media Arts Wheel: Intro to Digital Photography and Imaging

COURSE DESCRIPTION 8–10 Weeks—meets 1 period daily

Required for all student entering the Digital Media Academy (DMA) This engaging course will introduce students to the foundational skills involved in visual communication and needed for a career in the growing fields of photography, photo editing and retouching, and graphic, web, video, and motion design.

Students will be introduced to the elements of art and principles of design through photography, and digital image creation and manipulation. They will develop their digital workflow and the modern artistic skills needed to succeed in this course, and will also help with their core academic assignments and personal projects. Students will also review word processing, and presentation skills.


Week 1 Unit One: Review Academic Word Processing and Presentation Skills

Week 2-5 Unit Two: Digital Photography: Composition, and the Elements of art

Week 6-8 Unit Three: Digital Darkroom: Intro to Adobe Photoshop, editing, and compositing

Week 9 Unit Four: Portfolio Introduction: Create a Google Presentation Portfolio